Goodbye R2R, I am still in love with you. By Jo Hood

Dear Qui Recruitment,

I just wanted to write to you to say “thank you” for 4 wonderful years and believe me they really have been wonderful!! When I joined you I can quite happily say that I really did not know what I was letting myself in for … coming from a background in accountancy and finance I was used to dealing with a very different candidate and client. How can I put it? … a slightly less “brutal” one? Yes that’s the word! Stepping into rec2rec I was putting myself in a very different sector, one that is cruel at worst and very difficult at best!!

So why do it for 4 years I hear you murmur … well its simple … Qui Recruitment taught me more about ethics and integrity than I had ever thought possible and despite how hard rec2rec can be, the feeling that I have guided both clients and candidates as to what company/candidate is best suited for them, regardless of whether or not they heeded my words, is worth its weight in gold.

I look back over my 4 years service and I can see that there are candidates who are working within organisations that are truly right for them … they may not have been easy to come by placements, but that’s not what recruitment is about … as Qui has taught me, but through a process of really understanding them, they are now working with the right people in the right company.

I suppose the only thing i can liken my decision to move on to is leaving a marriage when you are still in love with your partner …

Moving forward with my career I will have nothing but respect, love and admiration for Qui recruitment because you have taught me what recruitment is all about and there are not enough ways that I can say “thank you” for that and there are not many people who have the privelige of saying that about a job.

Love, Jo Hood.