Goodbye R2R, I am still in love with you. By Jo Hood

Dear Qui Recruitment,

I just wanted to write to you to say “thank you” for 4 wonderful years and believe me they really have been wonderful!! When I joined you I can quite happily say that I really did not know what I was letting myself in for … coming from a background in accountancy and finance I was used to dealing with a very different candidate and client. How can I put it? … a slightly less “brutal” one? Yes that’s the word! Stepping into rec2rec I was putting myself in a very different sector, one that is cruel at worst and very difficult at best!!

So why do it for 4 years I hear you murmur … well its simple … Qui Recruitment taught me more about ethics and integrity than I had ever thought possible and despite how hard rec2rec can be, the feeling that I have guided both clients and candidates as to what company/candidate is best suited for them, regardless of whether or not they heeded my words, is worth its weight in gold.

I look back over my 4 years service and I can see that there are candidates who are working within organisations that are truly right for them … they may not have been easy to come by placements, but that’s not what recruitment is about … as Qui has taught me, but through a process of really understanding them, they are now working with the right people in the right company.

I suppose the only thing i can liken my decision to move on to is leaving a marriage when you are still in love with your partner …

Moving forward with my career I will have nothing but respect, love and admiration for Qui recruitment because you have taught me what recruitment is all about and there are not enough ways that I can say “thank you” for that and there are not many people who have the privelige of saying that about a job.

Love, Jo Hood.

Still in love after all these years

Its nineteen years this year. We came together quite unexpectedly really.  I never intended it to happen but it just sort of did, but then you hear a lot of people saying that don’t you?  We just sort of clicked straight away.

I loved the buzz, the excitement, the uncertainty …. The danger almost.  Cannot honestly say that I knew what I was doing for a long time but it didn’t seem to matter it was working, everybody was happy.  Again isn’t that often the case……….. nobody gives us a handbook of rules in these relationships we just learn together as we go along!

Yeah sure we have gone through rocky times . Times when I have been so frustrated, so let down, so mad I suppose but I have a moan to a girlfriend, a coffee and a think and I realise this is it for me … I am in love and because of that I will put up with the bad times because as with a lot of relationship the highs, the good times, the victories … well they make the bad times worth it and you know what I cant see myself.

The relationship is reassuringly predictable in that I know there will always be tough periods but I also know that if I always put the same level of energy, passion and determination into it these tough periods will always end and they will be followed by good calmer ones filled with good stuff!

So yes next year we will be celebrating our Silver anniversary together.  Nothing special planned.  No cruise, no party, no fuss …. Got to remember although my relationship with recruitment often feels like a marriage, a relationship, a partnership – it isn’t and there is actually another significant other in my life!!

Life as a technically challenged Recruitment Consultant!!

Its not easy you know living in a world full of blogs, tweets and facebooks when you’re the kind of girl who really does not know what lead goes where in the back of her laptop! I first knew I had a problem with all things technical when I was known to absolutely everybody in the IT department within a previous role – it was meant as a joke when it was suggested I needed my own technical support person but in reality that is what I have always needed! Again I knew my reputation went before me when I added myself to facebook and comments came flooding in from the recipients of my ‘friend requests’ such as …’ whats Jo Hood doing on facebook?’ ‘Never thought I would see the day Jo’ – friends can be very cruel!

I have now been part of Qui Recruitment for twelve months and one of the many things that Lysha has had to coach and guide me in is how to utilise and embrace the world of social media. Its been like learning a second language and believe me I am a long way from being bi-lingual! They say that we attract like minded people don’t they – well I must do as I spent the first five minutes of today explaining to my equally challenged husband what a blog is! I actually felt quite ‘with it’ and ‘technical’ as I reeled off what it means! If we are comparing my learning of all things technical to a second language then I guess I can speak ‘holiday’ tech now but I am definitely getting better and really hope the day will come when I am fluent.

Sometimes it does worry me, maybe ‘worry’ is a strong emotion to use but that’s how I feel, that all of this access to social media will stop us from actually talking to each other because we can communicate in all of these other ways, and I really think that’s when our industry will really suffer as however sophisticated and amazing all of these mediums are I still believe there is absolutely no substitute for sitting in front of our candidates and clients and talking and listening until we really understand what each party wants from us. The old school recruiters out there are unlikely to let that happen to them but what about all the new talent coming into the industry? I hope not because too me that’s what our fantastic industry is about – talking, listening and understanding!